Techno Brooklyn's Kings Hall Takeover feat. Coyu

Techno Brooklyn's Kings Hall Takeover feat. Coyu


TB003: On this week's edition of Techno Blog we take a look at Techno Brooklyn's upcoming event featuring Suara Label Boss Coyu. Dive in and take a look at what the event will look like.

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TB003: Techno Brooklyn's Kings Hall Takeover feat. Coyu

It's no secret that Techno Brooklyn has been having a great time hosting some of their favorite artists at the renowned event venue in Brooklyn, New York called Avant Gardner. This year Techno Brooklyn has hosted artists at the space including Layton Giordani, Charles D, E-Dancer (Kevin Saunderson) as well as their very own PRØVOST. This Saturday on August 13th the brand brings in the legendary artist Coyu - known for his contributions to the techno community through his exceptional productions, performances and his top-tier record label, Suara.

With a line-up consisting of the iconic, cat-loving Coyu alongside three special New York City acts - Dalton Taylor, Lukas Valo and Niia Guerra - Techno Brooklyn is excited to fill the room with a very, very special night of dancing, laughing and raving. It's no secret that it's Coyu's birthday party, either - which will add to the excitement transferred from the decks to the dance floor. 

Kings Hall at Avant Gardner is one of the venues intimate rooms hosting around eight hundred attendees per event. The intimate setting paired with the high-quality Avant Gardner standard of lighting, production and sound create an atmosphere perfect for your typical techno-loving rave fanatic. With high ceilings and a skylight centered above the dance floor, the sound permeates throughout the venue from corner to corner creating an illustrious, balanced room ideal for the front-left squads as well as the back-middle chillers.

With the first few tiers of tickets for this event moving quickly and the anticipation growing at a rapid pace, this event is sure to sell out! If you are interested in getting a ticket for this event, click here - your entry is always guaranteed with a presale ticket and typically there are limited door tickets available for walk ups. Don't miss out on this epic event with Suara's label-boss Coyu. See you on Saturday August 13th, ravers.