The Label's Big Milestone

The Label's Big Milestone


TB002: Welcome back to Techno Blog by Techno Brooklyn. In our second post we'll be discussing our ten releases with Techno Brooklyn Records. Read more to learn about the label and our releases.

TB002: The Label's Big Milestone

Techno Brooklyn Records is a staple for the Techno Brooklyn brand and we are so happy to be celebrating our tenth release on Beatport with Rodez this week. Astonishingly, it's already been over two years since Techno Brooklyn Records launched and released it's first VA featuring some heavy hitting artists including Brennen Grey, Stephen Disario, Agent Orange, Marco Bailey, Deraout, DESNA, Gary Beck, PRØVOST, Crossbow, Denise Rabe and Tapefeed.

In this weeks rendition of Techno Blog we will be doing a run-down of each of the ten releases from our very own record label, Techno Brooklyn Records. Without further ado, let's talk techno.


Techno Brooklyn Record's first release embodies a cultural and community-based vision with a bold, daring compilation showcasing artists from around the world. The combination of hypnotic sounds and multidimensional perceptions encompasses a Radical Audio Visual Experience. We are proud to introduce RAVE: Pt 1.
Techno Brooklyn Records is proud to present a follow up release for the RAVE series. Part 2 showcases an array of talented producers from far and wide as it focuses on its cultural and community-based vision. As a fresh label and growing brand, Techno Brooklyn Records is known to provide a futuristic and hypnotic techno sound that constantly captures the attention of ravers, fans and artists from all over the world.
As a follow up to our latest compilation on Techno Brooklyn Records, we decided to go all in with our first individual release. Hailing from Germany, we are proud to present techno superstars, Teenage Mutants, along with rising electronic artist, Xeno (Ch). The co-producers came forth and were able to successfully uplift our spirits during these dark times with a beautifully constructed, hard-hitting and synth-heavy masterpiece called 'Union.' The German standouts have had the pleasure of releasing on some of the world's most prominent techno labels such as Terminal M, Tronic, and Filth on Acid, while having their share of appearances within the festival circuit. As we gear up for a more positive 2021, we are beyond delighted to start things off on the right foot - welcoming Teenage Mutants & Xeno (Ch) to the Techno Brooklyn Records family.
Since its inception in early 2020, Techno Brooklyn Records have had the pleasure of releasing music from upcoming producers and established veterans from all over the world. Being in its infancy stages, this young label still has so much room to grow, while already having so much accomplished. With a few months left in 2021, Techno Brooklyn Records has a few more surprises up their sleeves from a few extremely talented artists.

That being said, as we wind down an incredibly successful summer, Techno Brooklyn Records label boss, PRØVOST, makes his return to his imprint with a mind-melting EP called 'Dream Interpretation,' consisting of two driving and energetic cuts. The title track consists of fat kicks, layered with atmospheric chords, swirling melodic rhythms and charging acid synths. 'El Yunque' provides a combination of a driving low end mixed with a dramatic & arpeggiated drop as big synth leads are spread throughout the finish.
Techno Brooklyn Records is proud to present its fifth release from one of the producers of the moment. Signed to top labels such as Terminal M, Filth on Acid and Kraftek, the Argentina born standout Beico came correct with his heavy hitting 3-track EP entitled 'Frequency' that is sure to rock festivals and warehouses across the globe.
Techno Brooklyn Records is proud to present its fifth release from one of the producers of the moment. Signed to top labels such as Terminal M, Filth on Acid and Kraftek, the Argentina born standout Beico came correct with his heavy hitting 3-track EP entitled 'Frequency' that is sure to rock festivals and warehouses across the globe.
Yigitoglu returns to the Techno Brooklyn Records family with a heavy hitting 3-track EP. The Turkish standout has been part of the label since its second release in 2020 and we are super happy to have him back. Yigitoglu is accompanied by up and coming artist CNDD with a feature in this stellar release. Be sure to pick up the full EP for your sets, playlists and everything is between!
Ramsey Neville kicks off Summer 2022 as he makes his Techno Brooklyn debut with 'Motherboard'.

Inspired by the contrast between the streets of Brooklyn and the serene landscape near his hometown of Seattle, New York-based DJ and Producer Ramsey Neville's fibrous, yet atmospheric techno has recently found its home on Josh Winks' Ovum imprint and Unity Records, alongside track support from Richie Hawtin and Monoloc.

'The Motherboard EP is really about channeling my love for all things science fiction. I'd recently re-watched Blade Runner right around the time I started working on these tracks and found it to be a massive source of inspiration. I always find myself drawn to dark and gritty sounds which results in the sort of futuristic and dystopian soundscapes you hear throughout this EP.'' - Ramsey Neville
Resonant lead track 'Motherboard' is a dark and brooding affair shaped by chasmal, atmospheric basslines and ticking percussion, before distorted synths, ghostly vocals and dramatic samples fuel the warped 'Ferment'. To close, pounding low-ends lie under acute hats in 'Celtris III', as distant, eerie echoes and cinematic breakdowns work closely together in this driving cut.
Fabio Neural makes his Techno Brooklyn debut with his powerful new 'I Miss You' EP. Italian DJ and producer Neural is a long-established talent in the underground. He has picked up high praise and big plays for his tunes from the likes of Carl Cox, who has been opening his sets with the 'Heavy Drum' track off this EP for a while. He has released on labels like Hot Creations, South of Saturn and Too Many Rules and has topped Beatport charts countless times. He is in techno mode for this new EP and once again shows his unique grasp of dance floor dynamics.

'Heavy Drum' kicks off with a mighty groove and tense synth work. It's a big, all-consuming track but one with a sense of drum funk and edgy synth work that keeps you locked in for an emotional ride. The superb 'I Miss You' is stylish techno with a wave of euphoria running through it. The synths are bright and light, the female spoken words bring heartfelt tenderness and the rolling drums hypnotize. 'One Step' closes down the EP with dark energy. The bassline is tight and twisted, the FX have an unsettling industrial edge and the percussion rattles off the groove with real menace.

This is a fresh EP from Neural and one that marks a great new chapter for Techno Brooklyn Records.
Techno Brooklyn Records welcome standout Turkish artist Rodez for a debut album that features
10 massive acid techno cuts.

It is his dark and interesting sound designs that have established Rodez in the underground scene. He blends a variety sounds from melodic techno to industrial in his tracks and has put them out on record labels such as Solamente, Autektone and IAMT. As a DJ he is just as widescreen but with his debut album he really steps it up a gear across ten terrific new offerings.

Opener 'Beyond' is a dramatic affair with hefty beats and choral vocal stabs setting a tense mood then 'Eternity' takes off on a wave of trance-techno. The superb Detroit-tinged 'Kuadra' layers turbo-charged synth stabs and driving drums and 'Loose Screw' sinks down into a deeper, more introspective sound with warped acid lashing around the mix.

The well crafted 'God Is Here' is another big one with video-game synths and gurgling bass marching onwards, then 'Light As A Feather' is a throwback 90s trance-techno cut with euphoric synths and spine-tinging female spoken word vocals. The all consuming dance floor power of this album continues though the visceral acid stabs of '134 Disease,' uplifting melodies of 'Myria' and fist pumping peak time energy of 'Plastic Burn' before 'Legacy of Lies' expires a celestial techno soundscape with more well placed vocals and expertly crafted synth textures.

Rodez's Clairvoyant album is sure to rock dance floors all around the world.