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Experience Techno Brooklyn


TB001: Welcome to Techno Blog by Techno Brooklyn. In our first post we'll be discussing PRØVOST and his new podcast "Experience Techno Brooklyn." Read more to learn more about the series and how you can get featured on the podcast.

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TB001: Experience Techno Brooklyn

Welcome to Techno Brooklyn's blog series called Techno Blog. In this series we'll be discussing everything from talented artists, new projects and the music industry from our perspective.

Today we wanted to bring to light our latest addition to the Techno Brooklyn arsenal - a podcast called Experience Techno Brooklyn by our co-founder, PRØVOST. If you have been to one of our events in Brooklyn, New York you may know PRØVOST and probably have seen his sets live. As the label-boss of Techno Brooklyn Records, PRØVOST has done an excellent job curating a diverse list of both established and up-and-coming artists in the techno scene.

Pictured above: Experience Techno Brooklyn podcast flyer, EPISODE_001 "PRØVOST LIVE @ SCHIMANSKI BROOKLYN."

Experience Techno Brooklyn is available to stream on Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music, Google Podcasts and many more platforms - you can find the full list in this link and listen. The curation of Techno Brooklyn's latest project is very near and dear to the brand and it's label. With the recent launch of the podcast we are inviting all aspiring techno artists to send over their mixes for submission and our email address demo@technobrooklyn.com is where you'll want to send the request. With a long list of artists prepared to release their explosive sets on the podcast, it's a great place for your career to gain exposure.

In the first episode of Experience Techno Brooklyn, PRØVOST reminisces on his set at Schimanski in Brooklyn. The subsequent episodes feature some of the hottest up-and-coming talent on our label including Yigitoglu, a serious talent from Turkey featured on Techno Brooklyn Records as well as Deborah De Luca's label Solamente, and Brooklyn's very own Ramsey Neville.

Pictured above: PRØVOST playing live at Techno Brooklyn x Deep Root Records showcase on Circle Line in New York, New York on July 17, 2022.

We're excited for what we have in store for the rest of the podcast series and anticipate some super hot episodes coming to the bi-weekly series in the near future. If you want to stay up to date with our podcast check out the link above and follow the series on your preferred platform. Thanks for reading - we'll see you next week for our second blog post with a special artist feature. Stay tuned and check our Instagram frequently for updates.

Pictured above: Techno Brooklyn Records artist Ramsey Neville.

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